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Feeling It
May 26, 2008

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I blogged on this site!  I’ve kind of turned this “pregnancy blog” into my TMI blog.  Most of you that still read it are female and so I feel like I can be more open about some things on here.  The TMI post of the day is about my breast reduction.

It all went really well.  I cried and cried the first day because I thought they were too small.  They aren’t, not at all, but I was delusional.  When you’ve had them HUGE your whole life and then they get cut down to normal size it’s just a big shock on your system.  The great news is today I realized when I was changing the dressings that I have feeling in both nipples!  One of the things that can go wrong with a reduction is that the nipples can loose their blood supply and die, essentially having to be rebuilt later.  OR you could just loose feeling in them all together.  I’m lucky.

Another odd fact is that the scar from the abscess removal is no longer on the top of my right breast… it’s on the bottom.

Weird and crazy stuff happening here people, weird and crazy.


You Must Be Kidding
March 9, 2008

This evening my left breast started to hurt.  It came on quickly, within an hour.  It must be a clogged duct.  I just wish I could get the right one taken care of!  JD no longer nurses so I can’t have him help me to unclog it and my hand pump doesn’t have half the suction power as the electric pump I just returned.  I’ve tried icing it and it actually makes it feel better but I’m sure doesn’t help unclog it.  I’m going to try a warm shower next.  If anyone has any pointers please pass them along to me.  The last thing I want is for this one to turn into Mastitis too, we all know how that’s worked for me on the other breast.  Speaking of the right one… I meet with the surgeon on Tuesday.  I convinced Jeremy to go with me so I don’t have to be alone.  I’m curious what will happen.

On a non boobie note: JD is sleeping SO WELL!  Trish said that last night he slept for 7.5 hours for them.  I’m hoping he gives us a repeat performance tonight.

February 20, 2008

You know when you scratch a dog in exactly the right spot and their leg starts to thump?  JD has a reflex that get’s his legs thumping too… it was too funny so we had to get it on video.  Sorry about all of us laughing so hard in the background.

Our Little Man
February 2, 2008

His little hand cracks me up.  He always has his hands up by his face.


Baby is here!!
January 16, 2008

Lazy t0day so read the story here

December 19, 2007

I posted a short version of the hospital experience this past few days on my home blog but I decided to put more detail for those of you that care.

Sunday I was doing really well. Jeremy and Dad gave me a blessing in the afternoon and it was such a good day. When it started to get late the breathing problems started to get worse. Jeremy and I were watching a movie when I started to get a very mild chest pain. After 30 minutes we decided not to risk it and go into the ER since the pain wasn’t going away. About 20 minutes after I was strapped up to everything in the ER the pain went away and I started to feel stupid. I told them the pain was gone but they kept monitoring me anyway. I was still having problems breathing, so I guessed that was why. The chest x-ray they did was fine. About an hour after we got there they came in and put me on oxygen. I started to feel better quite quickly after that. At least another hour passed and mom, Jeremy and I were all ready to go home. We were sure they would be letting me go soon, and I kept telling mom she could leave if she wanted that it was no big deal. I was feeling so sheepish and dumb for going once again to the expensive ER. A few minutes later the doctor comes in and tells me that the Cardiologist wants me admitted. We were all taken back. I’ve never been hospitalized so I’m going from sheepish to shocked in a matter of seconds. Mom left shortly after that and Jeremy stayed with me while they had Labor and Delivery come down and administer a non-stress test on Uno. He was fine and so next thing I know I’m being wheeled off to a small room and hooked up to more monitors. Finally at 3:00am or so Jeremy was able to go home and rest.

That night every-time I would roll over one of the electrodes on my chest would pop off and they would have to wake me up to fix it. They brought breakfast just after 7am, so ya. Not a lot of time between to sleep. Not to mention the stress of being without anyone alone in the dumb hospital.

Monday morning the doctors came to see me. The cardiologist stopped by and let me know that he was ordering another ECG and starting me on the heart medication (a beta-blocker).  Jeremy was able to come quite early so it was nice not to be alone anymore.  My OB came in and told me that he wanted me moved up to Labor and Delivery so that they could monitor the baby as well as myself.  Not long after two nurses came to take me upstairs.  I was shocked at how much nicer and bigger the room was.  Jeremy and I started to laugh, and he was thrilled to have somewhere more comfortable to sit with me.

After getting the baby hooked up to all the monitors they started me on a low dose Beta-Blocker (heart med).  Within a few hours they were able to take me off the Oxygen and just after lunch they took me down to get my ECG.  It was a bit odd being wheeled downstairs in a hospital gown, the whole time I was just praying I wouldn’t happen to bump into anyone I knew!  The tech that did my ECG said “I’m no Cardiologist but it looks like your EF has improved.”  I was SO EXCITED.  Once they took me back upstairs I told mom and then we waited to hear from the Cardiologist.  He came to visit just after 5pm and told me that things were looking a lot better.  It was so nice to know that the medication was working that well already.  My EF went from 45% to 50%.  It’s now at the lowest it can be at and still be considered normal function.  Thank goodness for modern medications.  The Cardiologist let me know that he and my OB decided to keep me one more night to monitor the baby’s reaction to the meds but that if the Periantologist gave us the ok I would be able to go home Tuesday.

Tuesday morning they let us know that they were trying to get me into the Periantologist early.  I already had an appointment at 1:30pm but they were hoping I would be able to go home before that.  No such luck.  We didn’t even get to see her until it was past 2pm.  They did a big ultra sound on Uno and he was measuring even further ahead than before, 2 1/2 weeks ahead.  A whopping 4 lbs and 14oz.  (could be off 12 oz either way).  He was also not shy about his boy parts for the first time since 22 weeks when we found out he was a boy.  It’s always nice to have that reassurance that he really is a boy.  My amniotic fluid was low, so I do have to get that checked again on Friday.  The Periantologist told us to continue working with the medication and keep an eye on my blood pressure.  They are still watching the Hypertension and they just don’t want any complications on top of the heart issue we are already dealing with.  She told me to continue to take it easy and that when it comes time for delivery she’s made sure to make some special notes about how I shouldn’t be hydrated too much for fear the extra fluid would cause my heart to give out.  I made sure to tell mom (Jeremy was with me) so that just in case I forget, someone will be there to remind doctors when I’m in labor.  After all this time I would really like to live, and hold my baby.  We asked the Doctor if it would be ok to be discharged now and she said yes.  I was so excited to be done.  When we got back up to L&D I was ready to have that IV taken out ASAP!  The nurses at the hospital the entire time I was there were wonderful.  I would be thrilled if any of them were there to help during the delivery, I can’t say enough about them.

I still have followups with all the doctors still, and will probably be seeing a few of them a week till Uno finally makes his big debut into the world.  I am just happy that things were able to be caught and treated so well.