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October 20, 2007

I’ve been very bad at keeping up the preggo site.  I am SORRY!  Forgive me (or don’t, I don’t care.  ha ha)

Things have been going really well!  Disneyland was awesome.  The first night in the parks was hard, 3 hours of contractions and fear of giving birth on a shuttle bus was frightening but after that I tried to take it as easy as possible.  It wasn’t too hard since thanks to double nerve pain I was hobbling like a moron!

Once we got home things settled down.  With the exception of my elephant feet the day after we flew.  If you could get stretch marks on your ankles I was sure I was going to get them on mine that day.  It was icky.

This week has been awesome.  Not a lot of pain and really quite mild.  We are getting used to the fact that Uno is a boy.  I was SURE it was a girl so this was a shock to me.  We are so excited.  Yesterday while I was laying down I felt him move on my side.  I tried to let KK feel him but he stopped moving before I could get her to come over.  I think he was trying to turn around.  It’s the first time I’ve felt him on my side.  Poor Jeremy still hasn’t ever gotten a chance to feel him.  I think he has a calming touch because the minute he sticks his hand on my belly Uno stops!

The only icky thing right now is that morning sickness is back. Yesterday I thought it was the flu but when I was fine all afternoon and then sick again this morning I realized it was just the pregnancy.  I’m SO EXCITED…… ok no… I’m not.


Taking It Easy
September 27, 2007

I’ve been taking it easy the past few days.  I’m still waiting to hear back from the nurse on the urine cultures they were running but most of the cramping has stopped.  I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say it was stress.  🙂

Things are going pretty smoothly.  The nerve pain isn’t fun but I’m learning to deal with it and as long as I don’t move too much it doesn’t bother me a ton.  Hurts the most right before bed, makes sense.  Disneyland in a few weeks with the family should be interesting.  Hope those nerves behave themselves.  🙂

Inches Anyone
July 26, 2007

So I just got back from my trip to Mexico and I decided to weigh myself.  I haven’t gained a single pound, yet my tummy has gotten progressively bigger.  My poor suit was so low in Mexico between my chest growing and my stomach growing that there was a few times I worried about ‘falling out’ of it.  Don’t worry, it never happened.

I haven’t been nearly as sick as I was a few weeks past.  I still have this constant feeling of ‘ick’ but it’s not barfy like before so I’m happy about that.  Our next appointment is on this next Monday.  I’m praying all goes well!!

Stuck and Done
June 27, 2007

While I was in Mexico I was able to enjoy myself for a brief 24 hours. My brother and his wife did a great job keeping me distracted. However it was all too short and now I’m back to the stresses of being stuck in and airport and trying to get home.

I’m stuck in Houston and never gonna make it back to SLC from here so I’m trying to get as close as possible. I’m currently waiting for a flight to San Francisco where my uncle has graciously offered to pick me up. From there the plan is to try to get to SLC on south west flying stand by tomorrow.

My emotions are thin and my traveling close getting dirty. Optimism is hard to hold on to when you are tired, hungry and away from loved ones. I think part of me realizes that there is really no good hope the baby is still growing, and that part is making it very hard to be alone right now. I have to make it back by Friday for an appointment so I’m praying I make it.

Waiting Game
June 26, 2007

I’m sitting in the Houston airport right now waiting to go to Mexico for the day. I’ve started to try and be optimistic. Here are my reasons.

I’ve had no bleeding since the spotting and even the spotting was minimal.

My numbers we’re doubling until that second test, so maybe they got the numbers wrong or my numbers jump in usual ways.

There has been no cramping to warn of a possible threat.

Even after all that however I do have to be realistic and realize that so far the signs point to the same kind of loss I had last time. We’ll see when I get home and back to the doctor for the ultrasound. I really hope this week doesn’t end with another D and C. Besides being painful they are quite expensive.

I waver from deciding I’m done trying for a long while, and figuring we should try as much as possible. The only common thing between the four pregnancys is that they have all had problems before we even get to see a heart beat. In that way I’m learning to detach myself emotionally but I can only imagine that all this isn’t great for my body.

Anyway. I’ll post again tomorrow when I get back to Houston. I can be reached by email while I’m there.

I really love you all.

No Good
June 25, 2007

Just got the test results back from Friday. The numbers didn’t even get close to where they should have been Friday so it looks like we might have lost yet another one. They want me in for an ultra sound however I’m now in Houston and the bags I have to get out of customs for my brother are in Cozumel. My plan is to fly out to Cozumel tomorrow morning and then fly home Wed so I can get back for the ultrasound sooner than Friday.

I’m upset that they never called me back Friday night with the results and upset that they didn’t return my call this morning while I was still home.

My emotions are a bit thin right now. I’m going on 2 hours of sleep and without my husband. To make matters more exciting I’m with my in laws for the night and they have no clue.

And I was really hoping this one would stick. I’m not sure how many times I can go through this junk.

June 25, 2007

That’s right. I’m at the airport waiting to see if I’ll make either of the last two flights out. I’ve been here since 4:15am and didn’t make the first two. Its no fun sitting at the airport sometimes. The sad thing is this means I will not make it to Mexico today. I’ll get half way and have to stay overnight with my inlaws and then leave out tomorrow from there.

The good news now however is that I’ll easily get my test results now. So I’ll post later with the news.