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My Boob Hurts
February 28, 2008

There is no gentle way to put it. My right breast hurts so much right now I am thinking of personally cutting it off. It all started about 3 weeks ago. I thought I had a clogged duct. Well the lump I thought was the clog never went away. I would push on it and try everything people told me and it stuck around. It not only stuck around it started to get bigger and hurt. I finally made an appointment to get it looked at and I was told it was Mastitis and that I really shouldn’t have waited so long to have it looked at. I was given antibiotics but after 3 days and the pain getting worse I called the doctor and told him there had been no improvement. I could now see the effected area when I looked in the mirror because the skin is reddish/purplish. At this point he switched the antibiotic and gave me pain medication as well, then shot me in the tush with even more medication. He measured the “lump” and it had grown to 8.5 cm by 6.5 cm. I was told my bra was too tight and that could cause problems since I’m breastfeeding. It made me want to cry since we’ve been trying to get bigger bra’s, even special ordered some and they never came… anyway… ya… so I’m discouraged.

It’s been 4 days since starting the new antibiotic and guess what. NO improvement at all. The doctor is starting to wonder if it’s another kind of infection or even if it’s turned into an abscess. I’m not thrilled about this prospect since from what I’ve found online they talk about how the best thing to do is have it taken care of surgically since it often comes back if just drained with a needle. HOWEVER as each day goes by and the pain gets worse I’m feeling more and more desperate. I still have to pump on that side, and if I don’t do it every 3 hours I start to feel it big time. Overall I’m not feeling 100% anymore and that’s so frustrating since I’d been feeling so well the past couple weeks. I have a breast ultrasound on Friday, and hopefully that will shed some light on the situation. The doctor is also doing a culture on some of the milk from that breast, the results from that should be ready soon also. I feel like a medical nightmare. Some people catch colds, I catch rare diseases. I could wallpaper our room with medical bills right now.
GOOD news is JD is wonderful and such a good boy. My only complaint is that he is still only giving us 2-3 hour chunks of sleep at night. Since I’m exclusively pumping now it can make for some long nights. I want to start trying to stretch him out longer but Jer is a light sleeper so it will require me getting his big crib cleaned out (it’s full of clothes and blankets) in his room so that I can have him out of our room. Quite frankly I don’t have the energy the past couple days to get it done. Maybe tomorrow? My mom once had a doctor tell her that once a baby is 2 months old or 10 pounds and healthy they have the ability to sleep through the night. I’m just asking for maybe a good consistent 4-5 hours but hey, I’d take all night too. 🙂 Good news is that his room is finally coming together thanks to Steph’s sister offering us a love seat. Our full couch in that tiny room was a nightmare and it is so nice to have more space and a better layout, not to mention that the new couch is WAY more comfier than the old one.


January 14, 2008

I know I’m only 35.5 weeks and all but I was so worried I’d go in today and find out that I was not dilated at all and walk out with a c-sec date.  I still hadn’t made up my mind what way to go, and I still want to talk to my Cardiologist about what he thinks.  GOOD NEWS:  When my OB checked me I was already 2 cm and 70% effaced.  That’s SO much better than I was thinking it would be.  I’ve been giddy the rest of the night.  It could be the Percocet they gave me for a 2 day headache I’ve had… but whatever.

The skinny on the Preeclampsia is that I was JUST over the protein level for Pre-e and so for now they are just watching me (still) and I may have to repeat the 24 hour urine collection again at the end of the week (4th time, I’m going for a record I think).  My BP was a bit high so I was sent to L&D after my appointment for yet another NST, some bloodwork (to check kidney and liver function) and to monitor my BP.  He wants me back in Wed and Friday for NST, that means I now have something everyday.  Bedrest, whatever dude.

Tomorrow I head into the Periantologist.  I am excited to see how big Uno is now, if he’s still measuring ahead 2.5 weeks.  The OB’s also want me to get her opinion on when I should be induced.

Holidays and Tests
November 26, 2007

I’m assuming that because there was a holiday last week I won’t find out test results till our appointment on Wednesday.  We turned in the urine collection container on Wednesday (thank goodness before Thanksgiving) and haven’t heard back from the hospital or the doctor.  I’ll let you all know if they find anything wrong with my kidney function.  Aren’t you excited!

I’m not really great at this whole bedrest thing.  Jeremy is constantly telling me to go back and sit or lay down.  I feel like things have gotten better over the past few days but that could be because I am hardly ever standing up or walking around anymore.  I guess that’s the whole point right?  We found out today that with me going on bedrest I will loose all my benefits from Continental (including flight benefits for family) as soon as my sick time runs out and I go to inactive status.  I’m still a bit unsure about what that does with my medical (no one else seems to know either) so I’m praying that there are no more tests or the like until I find out how long I’m going to be covered.  Thank goodness we added me to Jeremy’s insurance starting January 1st!

Update on Other Blog
November 20, 2007

I just don’t have the energy to update both blogs, so to see how the rest of the day went with doctors and tests just head over to my personal blog.

The one thing I didn’t go into much detail on in the other blog is the 24 hour Urine test they are making me do.  I have to “collect” ALL my urine for 24 hours then take it into the lab tomorrow for testing.  This alone grosses me out beyond belief but when you add on the disturbing fact that I have to keep it refrigerated.  EWWWWWWWW.  I seriously can’t say that enough.  EWWWWWW.

Other than that I’m on “bed-rest” now till the baby is born.  It’s not strict (yet) but I can’t work anymore and I’m supposed to try and keep my blood pressure and heart rate down.  This would be easier if I wasn’t such a stress case.  I guess that’s why they aren’t having me work.

I feel like I have a lot of doctors appointments now:

  • Normal OB Once a week
  • High Risk Specialist Once a Month
  • Heart Echo
  • Holter Monitor
  • Then Cardiologist 2 more times

Ok when I type it out it doesnt’ look that bad but I have a million little business cards in my wallet with dates and times I am going to try not to forget!

Pulmonary what?
November 20, 2007

We have finished up with our first appointment today and our day just got busier. Apparently the high risk specialist wants me to do a few things. First is to see her once a month till birth and are our normal doctors once a week. She’s concerned about hypertension. Apparntly its mild right now but its enough that she wants to be cautious. The second thing is to stop working. This is the one that is stressing me out the most due to the fact that I’m dealing with some issues there but Uno is more important than anything else. The third thing is the risk of a pulmonary embolism. Apparently the shortness in breath is a warning sign and being over weight and pregnant she is concerned that if I do have a clot in my lungs and they don’t run a CT scan then I could die. But its really ok so don’t panic.

Right now we are waiting for the CT scan. They also are running some tests with urine and blood. Apparently its a good thing I called the doctor. To think I almost didn’t. Ugh.

The only good thing about today is that the specialist did a big ultrasound and we got to see little Uno. He’s measuring just over 3 pounds and about 2 weeks ahead of schedule. He would NOT show off his jewels so its a good thing we already saw. He is also still breech but there is still pleanty of time for him to turn and its really not a priority right now.

I’ll let your know more later. We still have to see the cardiologist this afternoon. Heather, don’t stress! It’ll be all good.

Pictures and lots of Ologists
November 19, 2007

It’s been a long weekend and apparently it’s going to continue into the week.

 Over the weekend I called the Doctor because my pulse was going crazy and I couldn’t breath well.  It’s been normal for me to have problems breathing with this pregnancy but it has started to get really absurd.  He told me if it got worse to go to the ER, otherwise he’d see me Monday.  I figured Monday was good (and cheaper) for me.   Sunday morning however things had gotten worse.  I passed out in the shower and my pulse was out of control again.  I also started to get some hazy vision.  Mom and I headed into the ER that afternoon.  

I always feel stupid going to/calling the doctor or the hospital.  Maybe it’s because my dad is such a Hypochondriac and I assume people don’t believe me.  We walked into the ER and there were quite a few people in the waiting room but the admitting nurse in the window took my pulse and they rushed me right back.

They did EKG and hooked me up to multiple monitors.  I was there for  just over 3 hours.  Once laying down for a little while my resting heart rate was 90-100.  If I rolled over it would jump instantly to 120 and when I stood up it climbed up to 150 with alarms going off they had me sit back down right away.  The lowest my blood pressure was is 144/89 and the highest was 159/108.  They ran a bunch of blood work and found that I had really low iron and that would aggravate the dizziness apparently.  The ER doctor actually asked me if I wanted to be hospitalized.  I was in shock, shouldn’t he make that decision.  I didn’t even know what to say.  I tried to joke and said “I’m sorry but your beds aren’t very soft.”  Who what’s to be hospitalized the week of thanksgiving!?  Or period for that matter.  When they called my doctor before sending me home he told me to get up slower and try not to walk around too much and to come see them at the office in the morning. 

This morning Jeremy and I headed into the office to get the check up.  The doctor that saw us today is a bit concerned that I never mentioned the breathing problems and heart racing before.  I told him I’d read that it can be normal and I just waited till I thought maybe it was beyond normal to speak up about it.  Good news is my blood pressure was back down to 120/80 but he is having me run a bunch of tests tomorrow.  I have my first appointment in the morning with a Perinatologist and then after that in the afternoon I have to meet with a Cardiologist.  Why is it things seem to just go wrong with me during pregnancy? GOOD NEWS is that I passed my Gestational Diabetes test.  Something is going right.  Oh I also had a 4 pound weight loss the past 10 days so they are going to start keeping a closer eye on that.  I figure oh well, I had it to loose but I guess being cautious is good.

 Anyway, that’s why I’ve been so quiet recently.  I’ll let you all know how the tests work out.   Here are some pictures of me from today.  I’m just over 27 weeks pregnant.  They are really the first I’ve taken and as you can see I did them myself, I personally like the bottle sprouting from my head. 🙂  So now those of you who aren’t close and keep asking for pictures can stop asking.  🙂


Hello Again, Hello
November 9, 2007

Hello Hospital Labor and Delivery triage room #2… again.

After 27 hours or so of what I figured were gas pains I broke down and called the doctor.  He called me back a few hours later and told me I had two choices.  Go in and get checked out at the hospital, or wait till tomorrow and come in first thing in the morning.  He could tell I didn’t want to go back into the hospital so he said he would recommend it but if I decided to wait that was ok to.

I struggled with it and then decided I’d been in pain long enough so mom took me in.  One of those many times that I’m blessed to be living with family right now since Jeremy was at work.

They got me all hooked up again.  Uno was SUPER active.  I think he was showing off.  It was killing me since I had started to get sore due to all the cramps.  They ran a urine culture and kept an eye on the baby.  We were there for 2 and 1/2 hours.  Apparently right after I got there 3 other women came in.  They ran a test on my cervix to see if I had a chance of going into labor in the next two weeks.  Let me tell you ladies, it was no fun.  I told mom (during the test) it was one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever done.  Granted it was slightly painful but not too bad, it was just icky.   After the test the nurse checked my cervix to see if I was dilated at all.  That was a piece of cake compared to the test.  I was still high and closed (a good sign).  Come to find out they weren’t contractions (I’d assumed they were just gas so that is good) but I did have a bladder infection that was probably aggravating the pain and they put me on some meds.

I do have to mention the bed I was in.  Besides the fact that I’m sure they don’t design the beds for comfort, my feet were hanging off the edge, literally.  Also Uno decided to hide anytime I turned on my side and they would loose his heart beat.  So for almost the entire time I was on my back.  My tush started to hurt a bit and I thought it was just falling asleep.  By the time we got home I realized the real problem. That dang bed had aggravated my sciatic nerve (I haven’t had much pain from it for weeks).  I’ve been hobbling around since we left the hospital.  It’s loads of fun, loads and loads.  I told Jeremy I’m never going back to the hospital and he’d better brush up on how to deliver a baby from his first aid courses at the U.  He didn’t think I was funny.


Chug, Chug, Chug it Baby!
November 7, 2007


This morning was my glucose test.  I’d heard nightmares about the orange drink that must be downed in 5 minutes.  After taking a sip this morning I realized it wasn’t as bad as I’d heard.  It’s not good granted, I wouldn’t go out shopping for a bottle but the taste was not horrible.  Kind of a mix between flat, very sugary orange soda and child’s cold medicine.  I decided to just chug the rest of the 10 ounces.  It was much easier to sip it, it was a bit funky to chug.  I was done drinking the magic juice in less than a minute!

Then the bad part started.  About 30-45 minutes later I was SO JITTERY.  They baby started kicking me like mad and I was dizzy and wanted to throw it all up.  It was awful.  The nurse made a comment that my blood pressure was high and then asked how I was reacting to the drink.  When I told her how jittery I felt she decided the blood pressure was probably due to that sugary crap.   The lady who drew my blood was not my favorite, by far.  I thought I was gonna be sick and pass out at the same time.  She picked my slowest vain, and it was painful.  She was almost as bad last time I had her for blood work.  I had to squeeze Jer’s hand like mad to keep focused on staying out of “the black zone” and passing out.

The doctor checked everything else and started to ask Jeremy and I how big we were at birth.  I’m thinking I must be measuring big.  He told Jeremy that he thinks he had to weigh more than 7 pounds because he’s so tall.  It was funny.  I however was a 10 pounder so ya, let’s hope that Uno keeps to his dad’s birth size and not mom’s.

Nonstress Test Sunday
November 4, 2007

Uno is usually a very active baby.  As a matter of fact last week he was so active I actually started to complain about it a little bit!  That all changed Friday.  I noticed a huge drop in movement on Friday.  I still felt a little something here or there so I tried not to worry about it.  I figured we had an appointment on Wednesday the 7th and it could wait till then.  Movement was still lagging yesterday and so today I decided maybe I should call the Dr. just in case.  Sure enough he had us go right into the hospital to Labor and Delivery to do a Nonstress Test on the baby.


Finding his heartbeat has always been a challenge.  I take some of the blame in this and assume it’s due to extra fat between the monitor and him… I may be wrong.  Once we were finally all hooked up to the machine I had to keep my hand on the baby’s heart monitor so it would pick up his little heart beat.  We could hear that he would move occasionally but I wasn’t feeling it at first.  After about 30 minutes the nurse said that it was looking good.  She was even seeing some things that you don’t usually see at 25 weeks, and that made us happy.  I was however still not feeling the little booger move!  The nurse then got me some apple juice and within 20 min we finally had 13 strong movements!  I felt so sheepish.  Apparently all I needed to do was lay in a quiet room, drink apple juice and push on my tummy.  I had done everything but the latter on Friday with no result.  The funny thing was he was literally hitting/kicking where I was pushing the monitor into my belly.  Silly baby.   Every-other day now the Doctor wants me to drink juice, lay down on my left side and count at least 10 movements in an hour.  If I hit a day where that doesn’t happen I’m supposed to go back in.  I am glad everything seems to be ok.  I have to remind myself it’s better to call in and be safe than not call in and actually have it be a problem later.

September 25, 2007

Yesterday morning around 3am I woke up with some cramps.  They didn’t go away till 4 am this morning.  I didn’t fuss too much about it because we already had a doctors appointment yesterday afternoon.

I told the nurse what was going on and she told me it could be bacteria in my bladder and they decided to run some cultures that I’ll know the results from tomorrow.  When I told the doctor he asked me if they were cramps or contractions.  I told him I’m not sure how to tell the difference.  I mean they felt like no cramps I’d consistently had before but I wasn’t sure how to respond.  He proceeded to tell me that even if they were contractions that I was too early to save the baby if I went into labor.  The best thing I could do is wait.  That with my history there’s no telling what could happen.  Not exactly what I wanted to hear.  He checked the heartbeat and then sent us on our way.  Jeremy wasn’t there, but my sister in law Steph was.  I was ok until I got in the car then I just got so discouraged, and cried a bit.  It’s hard to hear words like “viable baby” and not want to scream that if it’s kicking you and has a heartbeat it’s already viable in your mind!

I also started to get a pain in the front of my leg that was keeping me up nights.  It was different from the sciatic pain so I asked about it.  Apparently it’s my Femoral Nerve.  Like the Sciatic there is nothing that can be done.  This nerve runs in the front of your leg and the Sciatic is in the back.  So my left leg is just a ball of pain.  All the pain is worth it if the baby is going to make it to a healthy delivery.

I feel really good about this baby, and I do believe we’ll make it to full term.  It’s just going to be a long road the entire pregnancy apparently.  Part of the problem is that I have been doing a bit with the move, I thought I was taking it easy but now that I think back there are things I had done that I should have not.  It’s hard to ask, or even just accept help sometimes, even if you must have it.

We have our “Big” ultrasound on the 10th of October.  I will let you know if the baby lets us see what the sex is.  Right now I’ll be honest, I’m just wanting to make sure it’s ok, regardless the gender.