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3-4 Inches
April 5, 2008

I haven’t actually measured the incision Bequi, but it’s between 3 and 4 inches.  It’s a good sized gash.  Jer joked that if it were on someone with a smaller chest it would cover the entire breast.  😦  Funny and sad at the same time.

JD is doing so well.  He’s starting to laugh and smiles more and more each day.  The smiling and laughing has been the first developmental delays we’ve had with him, but our big premie boy is catching up.  He’s also developing some heafty chub rolls on his arms and legs.  Quite the chunk-um-berry.  He’s started to drool excessivly and he’s been a bit grumpy the past couple days.  He’s acting like he could be teething, but not quite 3 months old just seems so early to me!  I guess we’ll just wait and see. 

I’m quite proud of his sleeping through the night.  He usually goes down for bed at 10pm.  He will wake up around 6am because he’s scooted to the top of the crib.  Jeremy goes in, scoots him down to the other end and JD falls back asleep till 9am.  I’m so freaking lucky.  If only I could sleep through the night again, I still tend to wake up constantly.  This morning I woke up to the sound of him cooing and jabbering with himself through the baby monitor.  It was a great sound to wake up to, and so nice to get him up before he was screaming and starving!  The kid can eat 6-8oz. during that first feeding, and then another 4-7oz each other feeding through the day.  I’ve started to premake the formula each morning and keep it in the fridge.  

It’s been fun to catch up on everyone’s blogs tonight but it’s quite late and I’m one tired mommy!  


My Boob Hurts
February 28, 2008

There is no gentle way to put it. My right breast hurts so much right now I am thinking of personally cutting it off. It all started about 3 weeks ago. I thought I had a clogged duct. Well the lump I thought was the clog never went away. I would push on it and try everything people told me and it stuck around. It not only stuck around it started to get bigger and hurt. I finally made an appointment to get it looked at and I was told it was Mastitis and that I really shouldn’t have waited so long to have it looked at. I was given antibiotics but after 3 days and the pain getting worse I called the doctor and told him there had been no improvement. I could now see the effected area when I looked in the mirror because the skin is reddish/purplish. At this point he switched the antibiotic and gave me pain medication as well, then shot me in the tush with even more medication. He measured the “lump” and it had grown to 8.5 cm by 6.5 cm. I was told my bra was too tight and that could cause problems since I’m breastfeeding. It made me want to cry since we’ve been trying to get bigger bra’s, even special ordered some and they never came… anyway… ya… so I’m discouraged.

It’s been 4 days since starting the new antibiotic and guess what. NO improvement at all. The doctor is starting to wonder if it’s another kind of infection or even if it’s turned into an abscess. I’m not thrilled about this prospect since from what I’ve found online they talk about how the best thing to do is have it taken care of surgically since it often comes back if just drained with a needle. HOWEVER as each day goes by and the pain gets worse I’m feeling more and more desperate. I still have to pump on that side, and if I don’t do it every 3 hours I start to feel it big time. Overall I’m not feeling 100% anymore and that’s so frustrating since I’d been feeling so well the past couple weeks. I have a breast ultrasound on Friday, and hopefully that will shed some light on the situation. The doctor is also doing a culture on some of the milk from that breast, the results from that should be ready soon also. I feel like a medical nightmare. Some people catch colds, I catch rare diseases. I could wallpaper our room with medical bills right now.
GOOD news is JD is wonderful and such a good boy. My only complaint is that he is still only giving us 2-3 hour chunks of sleep at night. Since I’m exclusively pumping now it can make for some long nights. I want to start trying to stretch him out longer but Jer is a light sleeper so it will require me getting his big crib cleaned out (it’s full of clothes and blankets) in his room so that I can have him out of our room. Quite frankly I don’t have the energy the past couple days to get it done. Maybe tomorrow? My mom once had a doctor tell her that once a baby is 2 months old or 10 pounds and healthy they have the ability to sleep through the night. I’m just asking for maybe a good consistent 4-5 hours but hey, I’d take all night too. 🙂 Good news is that his room is finally coming together thanks to Steph’s sister offering us a love seat. Our full couch in that tiny room was a nightmare and it is so nice to have more space and a better layout, not to mention that the new couch is WAY more comfier than the old one.

Our Little Man
February 2, 2008

His little hand cracks me up.  He always has his hands up by his face.


Depression what?
January 31, 2008

I was worried a lot about giving birth because I was worried about Postpartum Depression.  I’ve had problems with depression a lot in my adult life and so Jeremy and I have been cautious about it since giving birth.  I have to admit, I really don’t have PPD at all.  I have my moments where I’ll cry about stupid things but it’s nothing excessive and it’s starting to taper off already.  I feel so blessed to have JD and it was such a uphill road to be able to get him that I am glad we don’t have to deal with me being too crazy.  Well crazier than normal.

I love looking down at Uno’s little face and having his dark eyes look up at me.  He’s only been around for 2 weeks and I already can’t even imagine our lives without him.  He’s our little miracle and I’m honored to be his mom.

HOWEVER: If the little twerp doesn’t stop peeing and pooping on me when I’m changing him we’re gonna have words.  😉