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Pictures, finally
February 11, 2008

I couldn’t find our good camera so I took these with my cell phone:

jdmoby2.jpg jdmoby.jpg


Ghetto Moby
February 6, 2008

After looking online and talking to a bunch of people I decided a while ago that I wanted to try the Moby Wrap with JD as a baby carrier.  It seemed to be nice and supportive and good for plus sized mom’s too.  My problem is I didn’t have $40-50 to buy one!  Instead I went to Wal-mart, found a poly-jersey double knit fabric.  Purchased 6 yards at a dollar a yard.  Went home, cut the fabric in half length wise and now I have 2 home made moby wraps.  I’ve only used it a few times (right now being one of them) but it’s GREAT!  JD loves is and it gives me freedom to use both hands.  Now that he’s awake more during the day it’s harder to get anything done: laundry, blogging, picking up, taking out trash bags full of diapers… this wrap is such a helper.  I can even bend over and his head is totally supported and I have both hands!  WAHOO!

Yucky Charms
August 3, 2007

I can’t get enough of Lucky Charms.  For some reason it’s one of the ONLY things that sounds good enough to try and eat for the past few days!  It’s Magically Delicious or something.  Baby Uno LOVES IT!  HELP.


July 11, 2007

This is a big milestone. I’m so excited we’ve made it to today! Only 3 weeks away from that blessed Second Trimester. It’s almost not real to me. I mean getting fatter and fatter is real. Having a baby that has a beating hart in there… that’s just not real yet. I can’t wait till we can hear it. Oh what a day that will be.

In other news:

The Pepcid is working a little. I’m able to eat more and keep it down but I’m still sick all the time. 24 Hour nausea is not fun and if one more person gets all excited about it or tells me what a good sign it is that I’m so sick, well lets just say that with all the hormones in me right now I refuse to be held accountable for what might happen. 🙂 I really am kidding, but honestly. I know many of you have been there but having ‘flu like symptoms’ ALL the time for WEEKS is no fun. (Just in-case you thought it was)


Progesterone Strikes Again
July 9, 2007

The baby is ok.  Heartbeat is strong and it’s growing like a weed.  Doctor says new due date, Feb. 13th.  He also checked the placenta and the rest of the uterus for any signs of trouble that would cause the bleeding and said everything looks good.
The problems could have been caused by two things.

  • The Progesterone could be irritating the cervix and causing some bleeding.
  • A blood vessel popped on the cervix and caused the gush of blood.

Either way it’s not a huge deal he said.  That’s a relief.  He also told me to take one Prilosec a day to see if that helps with the sickness.  He was very happy that I’m so sick. The only time you have a doctor get excited about you throwing up a lot is when you are pregnant I guess.  Said that it’s a GREAT sign that I’m sick all the time.


I Choose Heartburn?
July 5, 2007

It’s fun when you hit points in your life where you choose the lesser of two evils.  The past two days it’s been Heartburn vs. Nausea.  I have finally chosen heartburn with a side of nausea sometimes thrown in.  Well chosen might be a bit of an overstatement.

Those of you that know me, know I don’t throw up.  I just don’t.  Prior to getting pregnant I can count on both hands the total number of times in my life I’ve lost it.  I have been sick and begging to barf, and can’t.  The throwing up thing for me is new, and not fun.  I find myself constantly worried that I smell, or that the poor baby that isn’t cooking in a great oven to begin with isn’t getting all the nutrients it needs.  The thing that makes me dry heave more than anything is trying to take pills.  ANY pills.  The meds they have me on for the UTI, the Prenatal vitamins, the extra folic acid… they all make me wanna puke.  I even found myself wishing last night that they could all be taken like the progesterone.  You KNOW it’s bad if I’m even thinking that.

Yesterday Jeremy came home with some Ginger Ale.  The good kind, that actually has Ginger in it.  So I set of sipping at the soda and find it is helping settle my tummy (that and soda crackers).  I have also learned however that it’s giving me heartburn.  The alternative is icky-er so I’m settling with the heartburn for now.

My new thought… why don’t soda cracker companies make Prenatal Vitamin Soda Crackers!?  Or enrich them with Folic Acid….  Just a thought.