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June 24, 2007

I couldn’t stand it.  I took my HCG numbers from 2 weeks ago when I was tested last, and my numbers from Wed. and plugged them into the HCG Calculator with the number of days in between and it says they are doubling every 48 hours!  I have decided that’s a great sign and hopefully even without the results from yesterday that means little bean is growing.  Can’t wait till next Friday for the ultrasound.  Here’s praying for a heart beat.

I told my sister in law today that sometimes I feel like I’m just going to be perpetually pregnant and never have a kid.  I think it’s sad that I feel like that sometimes.  I really want to be uber excited about this pregnancy like I was last time but my emotional self just won’t let myself get too attached yet.  Here’s hoping I can get excited soon!


Testing Schmesting
June 23, 2007

This is gonna be short.  Sorry It’s busy at work.  sad

Got the blood work done yesterday with PLEANTY of time to get the results back.  Yet I still spent an hour on the phone with the nurse while she tried to get the numbers from the hospital, then they closed… so now I have to wait.  The bummer thing is I fly out to Mexico on Monday early in the morning.  To say I’m upset is an understatement.  Good news is that I haven’t had any more spotting so I’m taking that as a positive sign.  I plan on calling the Dr. early Monday morning when I land in Houston before my connecting flight.  OH THE DRAMA!

Spotting Again
June 21, 2007

We went to the Doctor yesterday to find out if I should be worried about the spotting I’ve had off and on for a few days.  Spotting for me has never been a really great thing, I know many women have it through their pregnancy and have healthy babies, it’s just hard to be optimistic about it all.

The Dr. did and ultrasound and we saw the little sac and the ‘yoke’ (some call it a fetal pole).  I told J congrats, that he is the father to a yoke!  They also took some blood to check my HCG levels.  I go in again tomorrow for more blood and then once they compare the numbers we’ll see where we go from there.  We are scheduled for another ultrasound on J’s birthday next Friday.  We are really hoping that we make it that far and that we see a heartbeat.

We aren’t sure how far along we are exactly.  The joys of not having a period in between to gage it with.  The Dr’s (and I agree) think I’m about 5 weeks and a couple days.  It would put the Due date around Feb. 20th.

Here’s hoping that the blood work tomorrow gives us more hope!  Keep your toes crossed.