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No Good
June 25, 2007

Just got the test results back from Friday. The numbers didn’t even get close to where they should have been Friday so it looks like we might have lost yet another one. They want me in for an ultra sound however I’m now in Houston and the bags I have to get out of customs for my brother are in Cozumel. My plan is to fly out to Cozumel tomorrow morning and then fly home Wed so I can get back for the ultrasound sooner than Friday.

I’m upset that they never called me back Friday night with the results and upset that they didn’t return my call this morning while I was still home.

My emotions are a bit thin right now. I’m going on 2 hours of sleep and without my husband. To make matters more exciting I’m with my in laws for the night and they have no clue.

And I was really hoping this one would stick. I’m not sure how many times I can go through this junk.