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Feeling It
May 26, 2008

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I blogged on this site!  I’ve kind of turned this “pregnancy blog” into my TMI blog.  Most of you that still read it are female and so I feel like I can be more open about some things on here.  The TMI post of the day is about my breast reduction.

It all went really well.  I cried and cried the first day because I thought they were too small.  They aren’t, not at all, but I was delusional.  When you’ve had them HUGE your whole life and then they get cut down to normal size it’s just a big shock on your system.  The great news is today I realized when I was changing the dressings that I have feeling in both nipples!  One of the things that can go wrong with a reduction is that the nipples can loose their blood supply and die, essentially having to be rebuilt later.  OR you could just loose feeling in them all together.  I’m lucky.

Another odd fact is that the scar from the abscess removal is no longer on the top of my right breast… it’s on the bottom.

Weird and crazy stuff happening here people, weird and crazy.