Check Up

This is a TMI post… you’ve been warned.

I met with the surgeon yesterday so she could check on everything.  We found out that it was a good thing I chose to be put out completely.  Because the size of the abscess was so much larger than she thought, and because of the depth, she would have had to stop surgery and have them put me under in order to continue.  Crazy.

She removed the drain’s (extremely painful!) and looked at the incision.  She’s worried about how much milk is leaking from the incision area.  She tried to cauterize the area so that milk would not get into it but apparently it didn’t work very well.  I must admit that it’s pretty gross to change the pads and constantly have them be pink from the blood tinted milk that is seeping out of the wound.  She pushed on it yesterday and drained a ton before re-dressing the area.  If it doesn’t stop in the next couple of days I will have to stop pumping on that side so that the wound can heal.  I am debating if I should continue pumping on the other side or just call it quits.  JD is already being supplemented with formula and at what point do I decide to stop?  I’m not excited about having to stop while I have an open incision.  Engorgement would take on a whole new meaning, and I’m not thinking the pain would be fun either.

The surgeon also talked to me about getting a breast reduction.  She gave me the names of two plastic surgeons and once I stop pumping I’m calling them ASAP.  I’m so sick of my chest calling me pain and I am anxious to get a reduction.  I have a million questions to ask, How soon can I have it done?  How much will insurance cover?  Recovery times?  etc.

I still have to blog on my other blog so I hope you’ll forgive the short TMI post!   Oh here’s a picture…it’s going to be one big scar…  😦



5 Responses

  1. Ouch! Glad that JD is feeling better now. He is growing up so fast. They alwasy do.

  2. Does not sound fun… I remember agonizing over when to stop with Con. My breast ‘problems’ finally made the decision for me.

  3. How often do your breasts call you pain? Mine can’t even talk:) And why do they call you pain, not Bobbie?

  4. It’s such a tough decision! And you’re the one who has to live with the pain. If you’re willing to try it and it’s that important to you, I know women can make their milk come back after a brief hiatus.

  5. That just sucks giant rocks!! I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. How long exactly is that incision?

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