Paper Pants

I just have to post this photo for all of you.  I got to wear these lovely paper pants during my surgery.  They were surprisingly comfortable.


For anyone who’s crazy like me, and is fascinated by this kind of stuff, here is a picture (a bad cell phone picture anyway) of my incision.  It has a stitch or two, then the drain, then a stitch, then a drain, etc.  Today was a rough day.  Not only did I see the incision site for the first time, but when I was getting ready for church I could tell I was lopsided.  I took it much harder than I thought I would.  I just started to cry.  The sad thing is I have TONS of gauze on it right now, so if it’s noticeably smaller now… ya… anyway.  I want to ask about getting a breast reduction.  The surgeon mentioned to mom that it would be beneficial for me so I’m going to talk to her about insurance and a plastic surgeon on Tuesday.


5 Responses

  1. Interesting paper pants. I bet insurance would pay for the reduction. It hurts your back right 😉

  2. Nice pants! Okay and eeewww on the ouchy! 😛
    Breast reduction would be great for you! 🙂 I just want mine ‘perky’ again…yep…never gonna happen. 😉

  3. Hopefully that’s ALL over with! I still think we should head to the prosthesis store…

  4. yeah, I’ve thought about a breast reduction myself. or a lift really. I think Ryan would be sad if they were too much smaller… I used to tell my old roommate that was pretty much flat that we should do a two for one- I’d get mine reduced and give her mine for a augmentation! those pants don’t look particularily comfy to me… but I’m glad they were to you! Kind of like the mesh panties my hospital gave me to put my diapers in after having the baby!

  5. My friend had to get a reduction because she was so big her bra had made permanent grooves in her shoulders and caused nerve damage. OUCH!! I hope it’s all covered and it helps with pain and everything else.

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