Well the 24 hour urine test showed “a high amount of protein but not a really high amount” according to the nurse at Labor and Delivery today.  This means now that when I see the doctor on Monday I get to hear all the fun joys about Preeclampsia on top of the Cardiomyopathy.  I’m not sure how bad it really is, but since they let me go home from the hospital I’m assuming it’s not as bad as it could be!  Optimism people, optimism.

What a busy week I’m about to have….


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  1. Yeah, I think the fact they didn’t strap you down to a hospital bed for the remainder of your pregnancy is a GREAT sign!! That makes me happy for you. I’m sure they already told you this, but being as relaxed and as non-stressed as you can be is the best thing you can do right now. Ah, how lovely that sounds. 🙂

  2. Isn’t it funny that a lack of stress would be best and yet I have 4 Doctors appointments and 2 NST at the hospital next week. 😛 I laugh at the term bed rest recently. Honestly HOW am I supposed to stay down? I do try and take it easy, honestly I do.

  3. Just think baby shower… presents… and family…

  4. Ohhhh…how I hated bed-rest. Just getting dressed made the blood pressure soar. It might have been better if I could have gone to the doctor every other day in my PJ’s! 😉 Good Luck with the whole rest thing!

  5. Hoping things level out for you.

    *Came across your blog via a google alert for preeclampsia. I’m a 2x PE mom myself.

    hang in there!

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