Weight Loss

I had an appointment with my OB yesterday.  I lost 4 pounds since the last visit (a pound a day?) I’m assuming its just water weight and I was actually shocked I hadn’t gained because I’ve been swelling a lot more.

The baby sounded good and they are still wanting to see me twice a week. I took in the Blood Pressure results I have kept since the last appointment and they are thinking the Cardiologist may up my medication since the numbers are still staying high.  We will see on Thursday when I meet with the Cardiologist.

The Doctor joked about how his mom is “trying to die” in the hospital right now and her EF % is better than mine.  I laughed, but deep down you just don’t wanna hear stuff like that.  Mom and I just laughed it off.   I just haven’t been feeling great the past few days so I’m a bit moody.  Sorry.


3 Responses

  1. You know, it’s so true- sometimes the doc’s just say things they shouldn’t. Maybe he was TRYING to be nice and make you somehow feel better or something…emphasis on the something part. But ya, could’ve done with out that. However, is the weight loss a good thing? I mean, in my head and my state it is- but are the doc’s concerned at all? I haven’t had much of an appetite lately, but I still get hungry. When I eat though, I can never eat as much as I used to… do you have that too?

  2. Moody is par for the pregnancy course…but it gets better when your little guy gets older. That’s when you get to enjoy other fun stuff about being a parent.

  3. What a jerk! You don’t say stuff like that!

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