Check Up

The doctors appointment today went well.  I maintained my weight from last week (even after Thanksgiving).  All the tests they ran last week came back with no abnormalities.  YAY I’m normal.  The doctor told me to stay down like I have been since it is helping my blood pressure and wants to see me every other week instead of every week unless I start having a lot of problems again.  Jeremy and I were happy to agree.  Since it was the specialist that actually wanted me to be seen weekly I wonder if she’s gonna tell me I still have to go in weekly when we see her.  I still have to have the heart echo and wear the 24 hour heart monitor but I’m thinking everything will be fine.


I talked to him about my heartburn also.  Told me to start trying a combination of meds like Tums, Pepcid and Mylanta.   I started off this morning with a pepcid and then after breakfast heartburn started I tried the Mylanta.  It made me gag going down but it helped instantly!  I found a Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream recipe online that uses Mylanta.  Now wouldn’t that be a good way to take it!  Wonder if it helps relieve the heartburn or not?  Anyway today has been good.  I even had some Dorito’s for lunch and no heartburn since the Mylanta.


Anyone wanna test the recipe with me?!


7 Responses

  1. mylanta. in. icecream.


  2. uhhhh….. yeah. Pretty gross. but hey! If it works- go for it!

  3. Oh Bobbie that is so gross!!

  4. It might. milk and cream can also help heartburn, so … ew, mylanta in ice cream!, but maybe it’ll help …

  5. just a side note- i’m not following too far behind you with the crazy heartburn. I ate carrot cake today and got heartburn from it… annoying.

  6. Heather, I’ll send you out some mint ice cream asap! Ok to be honest I had a scoop of mint ice cream today and it’s not been nice to me so I hightly doubt I’ll be trying this ice cream.

  7. I’ve had regular heartburn throughout my pregnancy, but nothing a little Tums couldn’t fix. Well, once I hit 6 months it got much, much worse. I asked my doc what I could try, and he recommended Zantac. I can take a 150mg pill twice/day, but so far haven’t needed to. I take just one about a half-hour before lunch and it lasts me all day long. So if Mylanta starts failing you, I recommend Zantac if your doc clears it.

    And by the way, your ice cream concoction made me throw up in my mouth a little, even though I’ve used heartburn as an excuse for having a small dish of ice cream before bedtime more than once!

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