Nonstress Test Sunday

Uno is usually a very active baby.  As a matter of fact last week he was so active I actually started to complain about it a little bit!  That all changed Friday.  I noticed a huge drop in movement on Friday.  I still felt a little something here or there so I tried not to worry about it.  I figured we had an appointment on Wednesday the 7th and it could wait till then.  Movement was still lagging yesterday and so today I decided maybe I should call the Dr. just in case.  Sure enough he had us go right into the hospital to Labor and Delivery to do a Nonstress Test on the baby.


Finding his heartbeat has always been a challenge.  I take some of the blame in this and assume it’s due to extra fat between the monitor and him… I may be wrong.  Once we were finally all hooked up to the machine I had to keep my hand on the baby’s heart monitor so it would pick up his little heart beat.  We could hear that he would move occasionally but I wasn’t feeling it at first.  After about 30 minutes the nurse said that it was looking good.  She was even seeing some things that you don’t usually see at 25 weeks, and that made us happy.  I was however still not feeling the little booger move!  The nurse then got me some apple juice and within 20 min we finally had 13 strong movements!  I felt so sheepish.  Apparently all I needed to do was lay in a quiet room, drink apple juice and push on my tummy.  I had done everything but the latter on Friday with no result.  The funny thing was he was literally hitting/kicking where I was pushing the monitor into my belly.  Silly baby.   Every-other day now the Doctor wants me to drink juice, lay down on my left side and count at least 10 movements in an hour.  If I hit a day where that doesn’t happen I’m supposed to go back in.  I am glad everything seems to be ok.  I have to remind myself it’s better to call in and be safe than not call in and actually have it be a problem later.


6 Responses

  1. […] We ended up having to head into the Hospital for a Nonstress Test.  You can read about it on the Preggo Blog.  Everything ended well but it had me a bit nervous that we had to go in at first.  Poor Jeremy […]

  2. Happy to read all is well. It’s never fun when you have to have a stress test. I am just happy everything is okay. 🙂

  3. Glad it worked out for you. Those times can be very scary.

  4. When we had those with Parks, everytime the nurse would speak to Art in Spanish his heart beat would totally pick up! Guess he has always liked the Spanish:)

  5. Glad everyone is okay… I bet you are relieved!

  6. I’m sure thankful now that my baby seems to move non-stop, 24/7 – he drives me absolutely bonkers! But that’s much better than constantly worrying if he’s still surviving in there.

    Glad to read everything is okay!

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