Yesterday morning around 3am I woke up with some cramps.  They didn’t go away till 4 am this morning.  I didn’t fuss too much about it because we already had a doctors appointment yesterday afternoon.

I told the nurse what was going on and she told me it could be bacteria in my bladder and they decided to run some cultures that I’ll know the results from tomorrow.  When I told the doctor he asked me if they were cramps or contractions.  I told him I’m not sure how to tell the difference.  I mean they felt like no cramps I’d consistently had before but I wasn’t sure how to respond.  He proceeded to tell me that even if they were contractions that I was too early to save the baby if I went into labor.  The best thing I could do is wait.  That with my history there’s no telling what could happen.  Not exactly what I wanted to hear.  He checked the heartbeat and then sent us on our way.  Jeremy wasn’t there, but my sister in law Steph was.  I was ok until I got in the car then I just got so discouraged, and cried a bit.  It’s hard to hear words like “viable baby” and not want to scream that if it’s kicking you and has a heartbeat it’s already viable in your mind!

I also started to get a pain in the front of my leg that was keeping me up nights.  It was different from the sciatic pain so I asked about it.  Apparently it’s my Femoral Nerve.  Like the Sciatic there is nothing that can be done.  This nerve runs in the front of your leg and the Sciatic is in the back.  So my left leg is just a ball of pain.  All the pain is worth it if the baby is going to make it to a healthy delivery.

I feel really good about this baby, and I do believe we’ll make it to full term.  It’s just going to be a long road the entire pregnancy apparently.  Part of the problem is that I have been doing a bit with the move, I thought I was taking it easy but now that I think back there are things I had done that I should have not.  It’s hard to ask, or even just accept help sometimes, even if you must have it.

We have our “Big” ultrasound on the 10th of October.  I will let you know if the baby lets us see what the sex is.  Right now I’ll be honest, I’m just wanting to make sure it’s ok, regardless the gender.


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  1. Just reading your blog brings back MANY memories of the boy’s pregnancies. You are in my prayers. I know if it wasn’t for all the good thoughts and prayers with my two boys-they wouldn’t be here today making me giggle. I LOVE U! 🙂

  2. Well now that you are finally moved in you can now take it a little more easy.

  3. Hey, I am sorry to hear about your worries. I know how easy it is to get discouraged, cause you are ready to do anything to help your baby make it, but at the same time there is really nothing you can do, but sit and wait. Defiantly take it easy and most importantly stay positive. It will all work out and you will be holding your healthy baby in no time. 🙂

  4. It’s hard huh? Cramps feel, well, crampy. Contractions (I had them around 24 weeks with my son because of a rampant UTI) feel like a tightening that comes and goes. Also painful. Best thing you can do is lie down (sorry, but it’s your body’s way of saying STOP) and drink lots and lots of water.
    Hope you feel better now that the move is done.

  5. Oh, Bobbie. Hugs.

  6. I cannot believe you have pain in your femoral nerve now as well as your sciatic nerve. You need a break already! If it’s any consolation at all, my sciatica came back with a vengeance a few days ago and I’ve also had sporadic cramping for about two weeks. We figured it’s due to moving work/stress, so it’s a small relief to hear you’re experiencing the same things.

  7. Dude, Honestly, how are you supposed to know the difference between cramps and the real thing when it is your first?! I have had cramps that feel an AWFULLY lot like what I IMAGINE contractions but I sure don’t know. So… yeah. Geez.

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